Why learning to code may not be the answer

Why learning to code may not be the answer

Because in all probability you won’t be very good at it, unless, you spend like 8 -10 hours of your day coding, everyday, for the next couple of years to just about manage learning one language or one script.


Then there is that small problem.

There are quite a few of them to master. Just saying.

What is worth considering, as we mull over this question, is that there is nothing quite more dangerous than learning something half baked, and then trying to build a career out of it.

Media however, does create perceptions - and if you go by headlines staring from the "ten things to do" publishing houses,  then learning to code seems to be the purple pill, which can open doors to a future proof career, six figure salaries and start-ups galore.

The reality though, is probably a little different. Stuck somewhere in between capability and the promise of a dream.

It’s another thing though, if you genuinely like writing code to build something new. If it is your true hobby, to hack throughs lines of code overnight just for the sheer joy of it ; the ability to see some pithy lines of code, bring to life something entirely magical.

Like art.

Then you probably will enjoy learning it. 

If you are that person then just sign up for those Coursera courses already. 

Now that is dedication

If you are not, then this is not a necessity. I can confess, that looking for a bug fix in line 437 of a 1000 line code in the middle of the night is not easy. It's not fun either - if you are not a 100% dedicated to the cause of making complex code simpler. 

I did not enjoy it. I was not passionate enough.

So, if you are a marketing guy, a product person, or a start-up dreamer, trying to adapt yourself to a changing world, what matters more, is your ability to distill where people are facing problems - and which one do you care enough about, to try and solve.

If you can align your areas of passion with a problem that you deeply care about, then you are much closer to bringing about change. Just focus on your strength and the reach out to those who believe in your idea (and have better skills than you in a few areas) to help you out. 

You learning to code, is not going to make that execution any easier.

The best solutions that people actually use, have an incredibly low barrier to technology and the best entrepreneurs are able to design simplicity a way, where the technology almost vanishes. It becomes intuitive. 

That needs for people to believe in you. Your idea.

Design that belief.

So now….go figure.

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