A little "Nudge" to help you sell (usingAI)

A little "Nudge" to help you sell (usingAI)

Sales folks, from time immemorial, have tried every trick in the book, to build their private database of prospects and mine information about them.

Back in time, it was the Rolodex. That mangled wheel of contact cards which could separate the men from the boys when it came to being a human lead generation machine. As technology advanced, the Rolodex slowly lost it's appeal since data was now all in the cloud. The battle-lines changed. 

To be honest, email changed a lot of it. With the advent of social media, came platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You could now connect with prospects beyond email and find more insights about them.

New industry terms like social selling came into vogue.

Email though remains the big kahuna. However social savvy you are, email is still the king of cold prospecting. It is the epicentre of lead generation, prompting a lot of organisations to find solutions, which can give you insights into your prospects inside your email client.

It probably started with Rapportive, which could integrate your LinkedIn contacts into your email. It gave you access to all their social profiles, personal email addresses and so on. Soon after came Discover.ly, which also harnessed social network contacts. Then there was Mailtrack, which could track who was opening your email.

Today, we have tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator which bring the power of social insights to your email on Outlook.

Perfect segue to introduce Nudge. A new tool which talks about utilisation of AI in sales. Perhaps it is the trend of the times -anything that can read an API or crawl an algorithm gets classified as AI.

The big question, is whether we can qualify all machine learning under the AI bucket? But this post is not about that.

Nudge is quite impressive.

Just like Rapportive or Discover.ly, it works off a Chrome plugin. Once installed, it takes up the right pane of your inbox. When you read a received email or write to a prospect, it automatically aggregates a lot of information about that person, their company profile, their social media profiles, tweets they have posted, industry news they feature in, and so on.

Not new, but still creepy and impressive.

What makes it different though, is that Nudge can integrate across multiple personal and work email accounts. It can harness all the contacts from each email account and cross map it against your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts. It then allows you to aggregate all that network data from your multiple personal or work emails, into one email inbox, creating a much simpler workflow.

Pretty neat.

Finally, Nudge has this ability to scan websites while you are surfing from your browser and cross-reference your email and social media contacts to find if they are mentioned on that page or article, in real time. The potential of this feature is limitless, and this is a killer example of machine learning at work. But, for me, this has potential beyond scraping name mentions. From content analysis to context analysis to business intelligence, the possibilities are endless. 

In summary, Nudge is a lot sleeker and responsive than Rapportive or Discover.ly, both of which I have used in my past. I even hit them up on Product Hunt, and the feedback seems positive. 

Give it a spin. If Chrome extensions and Gmail are your life, then this is quite a nifty tool to have. Especially if you have a newsletter and work on creating new mailing lists from lead gen systems and so on. 

And did I mention, it's free? 

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