A browser plug-in to create digital noise

A browser plug-in to create digital noise

It's like in those spy movies. Those one's you know, where the international man of mystery, steps inside a  hotel room with the international woman of intrigue to trade information about the mole in the embassy.

Only this time the room is bugged, there are spy cams behind the the walls and the cell phone GPS is being tracked.

Our International man of mystery of course knows all about bugs and tracking, so he casually flicks the cell phones inside the microwave (boom GPS can't track no more), languidly slips on Beethoven's firth concerto (loudly) , turns on the water in the tap, and magically creates an EMP pulse which fries the hidden camera, without frying him first of course.

All good then. Sorted.

He then slips into romance mode, whips up a cocktail and swoons international woman of intrigue into sharing the name of the mole at the embassy. Job done, he exhausts her into submission and then languidly bungee jumps out of the window on the 127th floor without a crease on his suit only to disappear into the night.

Well movies do make it a lot more fun. No ? But how do we deal with tracking in real life ?

Our digital footprint (all those sites you visited last night right) - can be tracked. Cookies can be slipped, ISPs can (and do) sell our data and while VPN can mask our IP for a bit, they do not really obfuscate our browsing pattern or history. Sure we can go on incognito mode in a browser but that will only momentarily fool our wife or mother (depending on whom we live with).

And don't even get me started on ad -blockers.

Well now there is a browser plug-in that aims to tackle this. Only available in Chrome for now, this plug-in, aptly titled Noizsy aims to add "Noise" to our browsing.

So what actually is this "Noise"?

Noiszy creates meaningless web data. It visits and navigates around websites from within the browser, leaving misleading digital footprint around the internet. It only visits those sites which we approve off and runs silently in the background diluting the significance of our real data by creating a campaign of misinformation.

It makes it difficult for an algorithm to filter and interpret us and we stand a chance of outsmarting the filter bubble. It makes it difficult for organisations to bracket us within a particular probability set. 

You can get the plug-in here.

However, in case you get spooked that this is the place you start descending into the dark web, you can relax. Noiszy does not;

  • Cover up or remove traces of any activities you do online.
  • Create a DDOS (or any other kind of) attack on any website.
  • Send you to NSFW sites.  (But, the default sites do span the political spectrum.  You can disable any sites you don't want to visit.)
  • Log you into or out of anything.
  • Modify or change any data that's being transmitted to any sites you visit.
  • Affect any tabs outside of the one(s) where it's been actively turned on.

Cool plug-in actually with a good purpose. Give it a spin. Quite fun :)

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