Finally, an e-commerce platform for novices

Finally, an e-commerce platform for novices

When it comes to e-commerce, Shopify has not only built a robust platform but a booming business as well. Lot of businesses, individuals, vendors today use Shopify's technology to create a storefront, drive social selling and for the most parts - Shopify makes it simple.

However, I have always had this feeling that even with all the simplicity, Shopify is to e-commerce what Wordpress is to blogging. Host of features, robust platform, loads of functionality but ultimately not as simple for a novice to manage, without spending a considerable amount of time on the platform. 

Every. Single. Day.

It takes time and effort to manage a Shopify storefront and if you do not have a steady inventory of products to sell, it is kind of a stretch. 

So what about those, who want to try their hand at e-commerce, but get scared at the thought of even starting up. Those people, for whom the barrier to entry, in creating a full fledged storefront is enough to discourage them from even trying. Those, who want to try and sell from time to time without taking the pressure of managing a steady stream of inventory ?

Sello fits in nicely for this category of people.

Made by Shopify, Sello allows people to just snap a picture and sell directly from it's app interface. No setting up. No code. No payment gateway integration.

Just create your own online store, featuring images of products.

Snap. Add a cost. Sell.

Available as an iOS and an android app, Sello is an app-only e-commerce platform aimed at the individual seller. Sure, from a  concept point of view there have been storefronts like eBay and Quikr, but those are ultimately marketplaces. Sello is not a marketplace. It's your own little private store where you can sell anything you want at anytime, without having the pressure of managing and running a full fledged e-commerce business.

On-boarding is super fast. UI is easy to navigate and even the most basic users can get started within minutes. What I felt it lacked, was a discovery feature with location integration which would enable buyers, to showcase interest for sellers who were selling in their location. It felt like a simple feature that could have been baked in, to drive more engagement. However, for now, Sello mostly focuses on social media discovery to drive traffic and referrals.

There is a lot to like about Sello but what stood out for me was ;

  • A simple program which focuses on solving only one thing. Selling. It has stripped itself of any additional feature creep
  • Super easy onboarding. Extremely simple, intuitive and fast
  • Perfect to assess whether you are any good in selling before you invest a load of time in setting up a large e-commerce store
  • Not a marketplace 

In Asia, the closest competitor would be something like Carousel, but I found Sello's interface better. Carousel also has a web store. Sello is 100% app-only. In the America's it would probably compete with a LetGo (2nd hand goods) and a Wallapop online classifieds)

Sello is a great way to get started with e-commerce. A perfect way to get your feet wet and taste some early success before you plunge yourself in the dark abyss of full service e-commerce platforms.

Perfect for creators, curators and aspiring entrepreneurs.

* Ethics statement: Sello did not commission me or pay me any remuneration  to write about their product

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