What is this site all about ?


Discover ...to Innovate

This is a productivity blog. It focuses on DIY solutions and easy ways to hack through everyday problems which are related to work, hobbies or passion projects.

Irrespective of whether you are an early adopter, or just looking for a quick fix, this is a blog for the modern day internet user.

Here, I write about some of the newest technology innovations and how we can use these in our everyday life. I talk about products, services, and curate points of view from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists around new forms of technology. 

I also try and look at market intelligence data to understand how an industry is shaping or how customer behaviour is changing.

Being a hobbyist site, I do not have reporters who go out there and break story. I mostly work on curating opinion, market data, DIY tricks, and once -in-a-while, op-ed pieces.

This is not a profit making venture, or a daily news site. I write what I find interesting. Sometimes I build infographics. Sometimes I build surveys. Sometimes I build little hobby apps. Sometimes I build market data graphs.  

I do the things that help me be more informed and become a better professional and since it doesn't take much effort to share it with a community, I put it out on this blog. 

As long as it is a good read on your subway ride back home, I am happy.

Hackr Life